Euro 2024: Comprehensive Guide to Pre-Tournament Friendlies

Euro 2024: Comprehensive Guide to Pre-Tournament Friendlies


As the 17th edition of the UEFA European Championship approaches, excitement grows across the continent. The tournament, held by Germany from June 14 to July 14, promises exciting football as 24 teams compete for the coveted title of European champions. The road to the Euro Cup 2024 is littered with important practice matches that help teams to fine-tune their strategy and personnel. This detailed guide takes an in-depth look at the friendly matches scheduled prior of the event, giving fans and analysts a sense of what to expect.

Key Teams and Their Preparations


France, the 2018 World Cup winners, are among the favourites for the Euro Cup 2024. The French team is noted for its depth and quality, including talents such as Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann. Their warm-up matches are against Luxembourg on June 5 and Canada on June 9. These games will be critical for Didier Deschamps to finalise his tactical strategy.


England, a perennial challenger in international games, will try to build on their recent victories. They will play Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 3, Iceland on June 7, and a yet-to-be-announced opponent to round off their friendlies. These matches will allow Gareth Southgate to assess his squad’s form and fitness.


Portugal, the reigning European champions, comes into the competition with great expectations. Finland, Croatia, and the Republic of Ireland will play friendly matches on June 4, 8, and 11, respectively. These games will be crucial for Fernando Santos to assess his team’s preparation and incorporate new players.


As hosts, Germany was already qualified and had the advantage of familiar surroundings. Their training schedule includes games against Ukraine on June 3, Greece on June 7, and an unconfirmed opponent. These games are critical for Hansi Flick to establish his lineup and strategies.

Full Schedule of Pre-Tournament Friendlies

June 3

  • Gibraltar vs. Scotland
  • Croatia vs. North Macedonia
  • Albania vs. Liechtenstein
  • England vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Germany vs. Ukraine

June 4

  • Romania vs. Bulgaria
  • Slovenia vs. Armenia
  • Switzerland vs. Estonia
  • Portugal vs. Finland
  • Republic of Ireland vs. Hungary
  • Austria vs. Serbia
  • Italy vs. Turkey

June 5

  • San Marino vs. Slovakia
  • Denmark vs. Sweden
  • Belgium vs. Montenegro
  • France vs. Luxembourg
  • Spain vs. Andorra

June 6

  • Netherlands vs. Canada

June 7

  • Czech Republic vs. Malta
  • Albania vs. Azerbaijan
  • Scotland vs. Finland
  • England vs. Iceland
  • Poland vs. Ukraine
  • Germany vs. Greece
  • Romania vs. Liechtenstein

June 8

  • Slovenia vs. Bulgaria
  • Sweden vs. Serbia
  • Switzerland vs. Austria
  • Hungary vs. Israel
  • Portugal vs. Croatia
  • Denmark vs. Norway
  • Belgium vs. Luxembourg
  • Spain vs. Northern Ireland

June 9

  • Italy vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Slovakia vs. Wales
  • Montenegro vs. Georgia
  • France vs. Canada

June 10

  • Czech Republic vs. North Macedonia
  • Poland vs. Turkey
  • Netherlands vs. Iceland

June 11

  • Moldova vs. Ukraine
  • Portugal vs. Republic of Ireland

Detailed Analysis of Key Matches

England vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina (June 3)

This match is a key test for England. Bosnia and Herzegovina, known for their muscular style of play, will test England’s tactical versatility and defensive strength. Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling are key players to keep an eye on as they seek to break down Bosnia’s defence.

Germany vs. Ukraine (June 3)

Germany’s match against Ukraine will reveal details about their attacking methods and defensive organisation. With players like Joshua Kimmich and Serge Gnabry in the squad, this encounter will be critical in honing their playstyles ahead of the tournament.

Portugal vs. Croatia (June 8)

This duel between two football powerhouses is likely to be quite competitive. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Croatia’s Luka Modrić are expected to be key players. The match will put Portugal’s tactical flexibility to the test, as well as Croatia’s defensive resilience.

Strategic Implications for Euro Cup 2024

These friendly matches serve as both warm-ups and strategy exercises for each squad. Coaches will experiment with formations, test player combinations, and devise backup plans. The results and performances in these matches will have a considerable impact on squad selections and tactical approaches for the tournament.


As we approach the highly anticipated Euro Cup 2024, these friendly matches provide an important peek into the opposing teams’ form and preparedness. Fans, commentators, and coaches will all be keeping a careful eye on these games in order to gain insights and make tournament predictions. The setting is set for a thrilling European Championship, and the trip begins with these crucial practice matches.

Staying educated and engaged with these matches allows us to better appreciate the strategy and storylines that will emerge in Germany this summer.

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