Top Contenders and Dark Horses: Who Will Shine at Euro 2024?


There is a tangible sense of excitement as Euro 2024 draws near! Fans of football in Europe and beyond are anticipating an exciting month filled with dramatic moments, memorable plays, and exciting matches. The competition is expected to be both thrilling and unpredictable, featuring a combination of established heavyweights and up-and-coming talent. Which front-runners and underdogs are most likely to cause a stir in Germany this summer? Let’s examine the teams and situations that could characterize Euro 2024.

The Top Contenders 

France: The Resilient Champions

France is accustomed to being in the spotlight. The runners-up at Euro 2016 and winners of the 2018 World Cup have a way of rising to the moment. Les Bleus, under Didier Deschamps, have a team full of elite players.

Important Players

  • Mbappé Kylian: With his lightning-fast pace and precise finishing, this young talented player is a nightmare for opposing teams.
  • N’Golo Kanté: Kanté is a diligent workhorse in the midfield who excels at winning balls and playing defense.
  • Antoine Griezmann: Griezmann, who is renowned for his adaptability and vision, is frequently the focal point of France’s offensive attacks.

Without a question, France is among the leading candidates for Euro 2024 with a well-rounded squad that blends youth and experience. 

Germany: Home Advantage

Germany has an advantage because they are the tournament hosts. Germany has always prospered at home, and their new crop of players is keen to take back the top spot.

Important Players

  • Joshua Kimmich: A versatile midfield player renowned for his tactical acumen and accurate passing.
  • Kai Havertz: Havertz is a young player who is a vital member of the team due to his inventiveness and ability to score goals.
  • Manuel Neuer: Despite his advanced years, Neuer is still a formidable presence in goal and a wealth of knowledge.

Germany is a strong contender for the crown because of their combination of youthful potential and seasoned veterans.

Spain: The Tiki-Taka Renaissance

Football fans have been enthralled with Spain’s possession-based play style, popularly referred to as tiki-taka, for years. La Roja is bringing this ideology back to life under Luis Enrique, but with a new group of players.

Important Players

  • Pedri: The passing range and vision of this youthful midfield player have made him compared to legendary Spanish players.
  • Ferran Torres Torres is a dynamic forward who gives Spain’s offense a cutting edge with his quickness and finishing abilities.
  • Sergio Busquets: Busquets, the seasoned midfield defender, directs play with his composed demeanor and accurate passing.

Spain is a strong contender for Euro 2024 because of their ability to dominate games and overcome resolute defenses.

England: The Three Lions’ Roar

Following a heartbreaking loss in the Euro 2020 championship game, England is back and stronger than ever. The team led by Gareth Southgate is more experienced and competitive.

Important Players

  • Harry Kane: A prolific goal scorer and captain, Kane sets the standard for creativity and goal-scoring.
  • Phil Foden is a midfield maestro whose playmaking and dribbling skills are essential for getting past opponents’ defenses.
  • Declan Rice Rice is a reliable presence in defensive midfield, and his distribution of the ball and tackling are essential to England’s setup.

England is a strong candidate for Euro 2024 because of their combination of youthful energy and seasoned combatants.

The Dark Horses

Denmark: The Danish Dynamite

Denmark’s incredible journey to the Euro 2020 semifinals won over hearts all around the world. This tough group, founded on cohesion and tactical discipline, has the potential to shock once more.

Important Players

  • Christian Eriksen: A talismanic dramatist whose inventiveness and vision ignite Denmark’s offensive.
  • Kasper Schmeichel is a trustworthy goalie who excels at making vital stops.
  • Pierre-Emile Højbjerg: Højbjerg leads the team forward with his leadership and tenacity as a midfield general.

Denmark has the potential to be the unexpected team that advances far in the competition thanks to a well-rounded roster.

Turkey: The Silent Threat

Turkey has a track record of being erratic in important competitions. They are a squad to watch because of their bold approach, youthful energy, and experience combined.

Important Players

  • Hakan Çalhanoğlu: An imaginative midfield player renowned for his skill and vision at set pieces.
  • Cengiz Ünder: An explosive winger whose pace and dribbling abilities can turn the tide of a match.
  • Merih Demiral is a resolute and unflappable defender.

Turkey may be the unexpected disruptor who makes significant gains if they can get into a groove.

Switzerland: The Alpine Surprise

In recent tournaments, Switzerland has consistently performed well above their weight. They are a formidable opponent because of their tight teamwork and never-say-die mentality.

Important Players

  • Granit Xhaka: The team’s midfield powerhouse, known for his leadership and intensity.
  • Xherdan Shaqiri is a dynamic powerhouse who enjoys scoring amazing goals.
  • Manuel Akanji: a formidable defender renowned for his positional awareness and tackling skills.

Switzerland is a dark horse that could pull off a few surprises because of their capacity to execute under duress.

Ukraine: The Underdog Spirit

Resilience and tenacity have propelled Ukraine to the 2024 Euro. Despite lacking many well-known players, their squad has the ability to surprise people.

Important Players

  • Oleksandr Zinchenko: A smart and diligent player with defensive and midfield versatility, renowned for his work ethic.
  • A talented midfielder with a keen eye for goal is Ruslan Malinovskyi.
  • Andriy Yarmolenko: A seasoned striker with a penchant for netting important goals.

Ukraine is a dark horse that shouldn’t be taken lightly because of their tactical prowess and battling mentality.

Strategies and Tactics

Teams will need more than just standout players to win at Euro 2024. Coherent tactics and well-thought-out methods are crucial for overcoming the tournament’s obstacles.

Possession Play

Technically proficient teams like Spain and Germany will probably control the tempo of the game and dominate possession. One of their main strategies is to hold onto the ball and use deft passing to expose defenses.

Counter-Attacking Football

Teams like England and France might rely on quick counterattacks, using their quick forwards to take advantage of openings behind the other team’s defense. This strategy may be incredibly successful, particularly when used against high-pressing teams.

Defensive Solidity

Switzerland and Denmark are dark horses, and they need a strong defensive base. These groups’ major goals will be to keep their opponents off balance, capitalize on counterattacks and set pieces, and keep a tight shape.


Who are the favorites to win Euro 2024?

Traditional superpowers like France, Germany, Spain, and England are among the favorites. These teams have a track record of winning important competitions and have good squads.

Which dark horses could surprise at Euro 2024?

Denmark, Turkey, Switzerland, and Ukraine are a some of the underdogs with the potential to shock the tournament and go far.

What are the key factors for success at Euro 2024?

Cohesion within the team, tactical adaptability, squad depth, and the capacity to execute well under duress are important components. Prominent athletes standing up when it matters most can also have a big impact.

How does the home advantage impact Germany’s chances?

Germany benefits greatly from hosting the event. The backing of their home audience and comfortable surroundings can provide them an advantage, raising their chances of success.


The excitement is growing for what looks to be a spectacular event as Euro 2024 approaches. The field is filled with exciting dark horses and strong competitors, making for an exciting football match. Will countries such as England, Germany, Spain, and France meet expectations? Or will a loser like Denmark or Turkey take center stage? There’s no denying that Euro 2024 will be an emotional rollercoaster with moments that will go down in football history. Watch the front-runners and underdogs; who knows who will emerge victorious this summer?

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